The United States of America has a criminal justice system that is admired around the world. The right to remain silent, the presumption of innocence, the standard of proof "beyond a reasonable doubt," all derive from the deeply held belief that the awesome power of the State should only impair a person's liberty if guilt is almost absolutely certain. The principal that we would rather let ten guilty people go free than imprison one innocent person informs our entire system. We value liberty, freedom and the unity derived when people are afforded both. Vermont's Superior Court Criminal Division can only enter a criminal conviction if a defendant pleads guilty or no contest, or after a unanimous jury verdict of 12 citizens. The right to a jury trial guarantees criminal defendants in Vermont the ability to obtain a vigorous defense. A skilled criminal defense attorney will help you reach the best plea deal possible, or litigate your case to a jury trial, while consulting with you regarding all of your options.